It’s almost that time in the production schedule – the chaotic, painfully frustrating, OH GOD ARE WE GOING TO MAKE IT?!?!! time that is cleverly disguised as an orderly schedule on a calendar with end times that are hilariously too early. But we’re not there….yet. That’s next week. So tune in then for HELLFIRE WEEK.

But this week is tech week junior. When we’re all supposed to have our scripts out of hand (ha….ha….ha…..I tried….) and  feel confident in our roles and actually spend most of our time on the stage itself working with our props and the set pieces. The cool thing  about our current production is it’s all one acts. Six mini-plays in one production. So for many of us tonight’s run through the first act was our first glimpse of the other ‘shows’. Many of us (myself included in this) have been buried so deep in our own small portion of the show that we’ve neglected the big picture for a few weeks. Tonight refreshingly reminded us that our own one act is just a tree in the forest – but it also gave us a chance to sit back and relax, watch, and celebrate our fellow artists. It was fun to see what my usually close castmates had been working on the past few weeks while I was learning to speak gibberish. And it was rewarding to hear giggles while it was my turn to be up in front running my scene – all in nonsense. For the most part we haven’t even been assembled as an actual cast yet – just small groups here and there. Tonight, however, we started to witness the scale of the thing we are trying to accomplish together. Though slightly daunting, I’m fairly certain a wonderful end result is easily within our grasp.

Tomorrow we run the second half of the show, and then from there on out it’s running the whole thing. Working each transition, figuring out where the props go backstage, assigning people to move set pieces, aiming lights, and putting in some sound effects for good measure. My scene partner and I totally have this. We spent hours rehearsing last night – memorising, swearing, reworking parts of the scene to make it flow better, and of course eating cake. The other parts of Act 1 were looking solid. Our director was grinning from behind his sketchbook. Our production manager has not had nearly as much work recently due to us knowing our shit (finally). Props are almost fully curated. The tech crew has been having it’s own little secret cult meetings to plan and plot their version of witchcraft for the final product. We’re almost ready to put on a show! But it’s the calm before the metaphorical theater shitstorm! Which in some ways is the most uniting part of the show… Despite our impending doom, this week we will eat, drink, laugh, recite, and say ‘FUCK’ when we miss our mark or skip a line….for next week….we’re probably going to all be eating our feelings and exhausted.