Is it just me or is Green Day’s “American Idiot” on the radio much more frequently than it has been in the past eight years….I’m beginning to think there might be a bit of a message in there… I mean honestly….I’m fairly certain this dog would do a better job of running our country than our  president-elect.

This dog for president
I mean, look, he’s all dressed up and ready to go work in politics somewhere…

OK so  I promise…..PROMISE….I usually keep out of politics. I usually NEVER write about politics. Everyone gets really pissy and it always ends up with people throwing things and someone getting a bloodied nose. However, after this week’s events and the impending inauguration….I felt a bit moved to express some thoughts.

Anyhow, this week we saw President Obama’s final address, which was moving, reassuring, and dignified. He talked about the past eight years and the various successes and challenges that came from them. He talked about our nation’s history and how democracy is not always clean and how “For every two steps forward, it often feels we take one step back.” He reminded us that even the founding fathers of this country couldn’t agree on most things and that the strength of America is in its ability to adapt, and encouraged us to get involved in being active voices for change. Many of us teared up as he thanked and honored his wife and family. Whether or not you like Obama, you have to admit, it was a well written and beautifully delivered address.

We also saw President-elect Trump’s press conference, which was…different. Somewhere in between the comments about the “much hacking going on”, the wall building, the being a germaphobe so of course that whole prostitute scandal can’t be real, and the “you’re fake news!” to a reporter…I had to facepalm a bit. His pride in getting rid of healthcare for millions, the way he made a big show of separating himself from his company, the real irritating going on and on about Hilary and the Democrats (it’s like he thinks he’s still debating) – all these things just don’t bode very well. Where’s the eloquence? Where’s the trying to unite Americans instead of undoing whatever Obama did as fast and haphazardly as possible? Where’s the respect for other human beings?

Spoiler alert: You won’t find those things.

Then there’s that whole beginning to repeal Obamacare. Admittedly, Obamacare is not perfect, it needs revision, but it’s better than nothing. For millions of Americans removing laws regarding pre-existing conditions is a death sentence. The kicker is the voting done on removing crucial access to healthcare for millions of people took place rather sketchily in the middle of the night….which seems to be the new time of day to start voting on things…if you remember that whole ethics thing from a few weeks ago that is…

The next four years (though Trump is forecasting eight) are going to be bumpy to say the least.